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Introduction of works
The Way We Were
Director:Liu Jiang
Screenwriter:Gao Xuan, Ren Baoru
To star:Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Yu Jiwei, Xu Linyue, Wang Zhiwen, Shi Jingming, Zhang Xilin, Shi Ke, Zhang Kaili, Wang Ji.
Type:Youth, Inspirational
Release date:May14th, 2018
Plot introduction

Chinese students: Shu Che, Xiao Qing, Miu Ying and Ning Ming met at an Ivy League
university in the United States. They came to the United States for different
reasons: for their parents' arrangement, for study, or for love. Shu Che and Miu
Ying are lovers, but their respective father were suspected of corruption; and
in order to cover up and hide the corruption, their respective fathers forced
them to break up. Xiao Qing’s father was a non-corrupt official, and she prided
herself on being independent while studying abroad. She didn't flinch from the
pressure of her mother's car accident. Her noble moral and character earned her
respect from the people around her, and Shu Che fell in love with her. The
crimes of the fathers of Shu Che and Cheng Ran( Miu Ying’s brother) were
exposed. After a strange combination of circumstances,
Xiao Qing became a key witness for the prosecution. Between love and justice, Xiao
Qing made the right choice with difficulty. Facing irrefutable proof, Shuwang(Shu Che’s father) and Cheng Wei( Miu Ying’s father)
finally paid a heavy price for their illegal and criminal acts. The four young
people have grown up with their outlook on life and values
are back on the right track.

Wonderful Atlas