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Introduction of works
The Borderland of Love
Director:Mao Weining
Screenwriter:Gao Mantang
To star:Yin Tao, Wang Lei, Li Naiwen
Release date:May 8th, 2018
Plot introduction

In the late 1950s, Wen Yiqiu, a female
college student at Beijing Broadcasting Institute, fell in love with Vicka, a
decorated broadcaster from the Soviet Union, and married Vicka in Beijing. Vika
was forced to leave China after the Soviet union withdrew its aid experts. Wen
Yiqiu volunteered to work as a radio broadcaster in the border city of Heihe in
order to get closer to Vicka. Vicka also went to Blagoveshchensk on the other
side of the river to work as a broadcaster. They actually listened to each
other's radio voice to soothe the pain and missing. After 20 years’ waiting, Wen
Yiqiu helplessly married his colleague Song Shaoshan. When Sino-Soviet relations improved, the
radio came back with songs of Sino-Soviet friendship. Song Shaoshan was also
moved by their love story, and helped Wen Yiqiu across the narrow border river
to meet with Vicka. When Wen Yiqiu and Vicka met in Beijing again, they
expressed their missing for each other again in the tone of broadcasting,
touching all those present.

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