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Introduction of works
To Our Youth that is Fading Away
Author:Xin Yiwu
She was a vigorous girl with the nickname “little pterosaur with a round face”. In her adolescence, she liked her neighbor Lin Jing, who is several years older than her. After she was admitted to the university, she found that Lin Jing had gone abroad. Being open-minded, she put down her depression and continued to enjoy happy university life. She fell in love with her schoolmate, Chen Xiaozheng, who was stereotyped, autistic, sensitive and self-respect. When he graduated, he chose to go abroad and gave up on her, too.
Several years later, Lin Jing and Chen Xiaozheng reappeared, while she was facing a huge conspiracy. Of the two men she used to love, which one would she prefer?
Xin Yiwu