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Introduction of works
I Want to Look at You
Author:Xin Yiwu
Many details of that day have been successfully forgotten by Han shu. Memory is like an eraser, quietly erasing parts he is afraid to recall, leaving dust all around...... The only scene he can't erase: she's on the dock, he's under the dock. Han Shu dares not look at her eyes, but hopes that she could look at him. But she didn't, he knows that; not even a second.
A man lives in her heart, and she firmly believes that he just closes his eyes. Many years later, she has a dream. The man finally opened his eyes and smiled at her. The pomegranate tree on the 521 steps produces fiery and dazzling flowers every year, with a mark “hs&jn” on the trunk, what’s the secret in it?
Xin Yiwu