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Introduction of works
All quiet in Peking
Author:Liu Heping
In the year of 1948, three years after the end of the Pacific War, Peking was suffered from economic collapse and mass starvation. It looked silent but the undercurrent was huge in the city.
Before the opening shoot of the decisive battle between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, the Young Turks in Kuomintang, leaded by Chiang ching-kuo, suddenly entrusted with an important post to Mengao Fang, ACE of Kuomintang Air Force, who was suspected to send secret messages to the Communist Party. Mengao Fang’s squadron was changed into economic inspectorate group of the Department of Defense. He was appointed to investigate the corruption in the food and material distribution and arranged to defeat his father Buting Fang, president of Center Bank Beijing Branch and core member of corruption forces of kong and song family. The real intent of these all was to execute a stunning plan: the currency reform.
After the commission, the struggle between incorruptness and corruptness headed for a white-hot situation. Special agent, spy, central club and Juntong, all gathered in Peking. Then, with infighting and sheer cunning and falsehood, an astonishing play describing struggle between the underground CPC Party, reactionary force of the Kuomintang and the Blood-and-iron Association for National Salvation, was unveiling……
Liu Heping