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Introduction of works
Some Like it Hot
Director:Song Xiaofei , Dong Xu
Screenwriter:Li Xiao , Yu Miao
To star:Xiao Yang, Yan Ni , Xiao Shenyang , Qiao Shan, Allen
Release date:2016.12.30 (China)
Xiao Han (Xiao Yang ) and his wife Shen Hong (Dai Lele) have been married for years, and their feelings for each other have already been faded. In the marriage life , Xiao Han has always been faithful to his wife until one day, a young beautiful woman named yoyo (Li Chengmin) appeared. Xiao Han could no longer ignore his feelings. He decided to face it, no longer bound by morality and public opinion, just pursued his heart and feelings. In order to win the girl's heart, Xiao Han gathered his friend Ai mu (Allen), Tang Huai (Qiao Shan) and Liu Lei (Shenyang Xiao), and planned a seemingly perfect strategy. In the process of executing the plan, Xiao Han's boss, Marilyn (Yan Ni), stepped in a few times and made lots of jokes. His wife Shen Hong also felt that her husband was "up to something."
The box office of this film is 658 million RMB.