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Introduction of works
City of Rock
Director:Dong Chenpeng (as Da Peng)
Screenwriter:Dong Chenpeng (as Da Peng), Su Biao
To star:Dong Chenpeng (as Da Peng), Qiao Shan, Coulee Nazha, Hong-Chi Lee, Han Tongsheng, Qu Junxi
Type:Comedy, Music
Release date:2017.9.29 (China)
Hu Liang (Qiao Shan) hires Cheng Gong (Dong Chengpeng), a music broker with high salary to organizes a concert, to prevent the rock park from being tore down in his hometown. Finally, the drummer-Bomb (Li Hongqi), bassist-Ding Jianguo (Nazar), guitarist-Yang Shuangshu (Han Tongsheng), keyboardist-Xi Xi (Qu Junxi) set up the "sewing machine band". At the time of preparation for the performance, the local real estate expressed his willingness to pay a high price to force Cheng Gong to cancel the performance. Facing the temptation of money and his music dream, how would he choose?
The box office of this film is 459 million RMB.