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Introduction of works
Animal World
Director:Han Yan
Screenwriter:Han Yan
To star:Li Yifeng, Michael Douglas, Zhou Dongyu, Cao Bingkun, Su ke, Wang Ge
Type: Adventure, Action
Release date:2018.6.29 (China)

Zheng Kaisi ( Li Yifeng ) was burdened with millions of debts conned by friend, meanwhile his mother is in coma, yet he wants to provide better life for a sweet girl who loves him names Liu Qing ( Zhou Dongyu ),so he determined to board the ship named "Destiny" to change his life. As long as he wins the game on the ship, he will have the opportunity to write off the debt and bring a better life to his family. The game seems to be simple. Participants only need to use the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" poker cards as a prop to win the stars from their opponents. However, the desperate people on the cruise ship have no bottom line of moral, instead selfishness and cruelty of humanity are exposed. The game eventually become the "animal world" Colosseum.

The box office of this film is 510 million RMB.