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Introduction of works
Once Upon a Time
Director:Zhao Xiaoding , Anthony LaMolinara
Screenwriter:Liu Han , Mai Ling , Zhang Yaliang , Tang Qi (novel)
To star: Liu Yifei, Yang Yang, Luo Jin, Yan Yikuan , Li Chun
Type:Fantasy, Romance
Release date:2017.8.3 (China)
Bai Qian (Liu Yifei) lost the memory of the last life, stay in the Qingqiu Mountain, and lives a free life . At the banquet threw by the East Sea, BaiQian met the Prince of the Jiu Chong Tian, Ye Hua (Yang Yang ) and his son A Li (Peng Zisu). In fact, they already have an arranged marriage waiting ahead of them. YeHua was shocked by the fact that Bai Qian had the same appearance as his dead wife Susu, so he began to approach Bai Qian, and in this process he fell in love with her.
The box office of this film is 535 million RMB.