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Film and television planning


       Job responsibilities:


         1. Find and excavate literary works with film and television adaptation value, being responsible for screening,

         introducing and reserving excellent film and television plays and materials;

          2. Be responsible to conduct primary review earlier on novels and plays and submit suggestions of primary review,

          communicating and coordinating about relevant items on modifying plays;

          3. Take part in development at an earlier stage and play planning of film and television items, and write a storyline and

          character biographies according to original works of novels or contents of plans;

          4. Analyze an associated integrating degree between customer brand connotation and properties of plays to confirm project alternatives;

          5. Complete other affairs assigned by leaders of the company.

       Job requirements:


         1. With work experience on film and television for over 2 years, majoring in film drama literature, be familiar with play writing models of  film and

         television plays, with open, agile and logical thinking and with a strong ruling ability for adapting plays;

         2. Have an acute insight for the market, strong market positioning and abilities of refining and excavating selling points of items;

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