Height: 183 cm

Hobbies: Stamp collecting, swimming, basketball, driving and horse riding

Native place: Qingdao

Blog address: http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/1229585317

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Films and TV dramas

Woman in a Family of Swordsman     As Yu Laoba          Directed by Yang Wenjun

Auld No Lang Syne                        As Zhang Yong Directed by Cheng Lu

In the Dream to Find the Answer  As Yao Mu         Directed by Cheng Lu

Seven Variant WuYi Human WayAs Pang Tao           Directed by Li Huimin

Promise of Love                              As Qin Chunan  Directed by Liu Yizhi

Sword                              As Lu Feiyang         Directed by Wang Hongfei & Liu Kai

Look Back Once AgainAs Lin Feiya             Directed by Dou Qi

Langyan Peiping            As Ye Zhaoming           Directed by Chen Guoxing

Happiness                            As Qiao Liang         Directed by Ling Mai

Blood in the Snow          As Chen Chen         Directed by Wang Qiang

Solar Storm                     As Lin Peng             Directed by Lin Feng

Give Me a Cigarette (Night Rain)  As Zhang Bo           Directed by Zhao Baogang

The Sky above the Liberated Zone    As Fan Yichun Directed by Chen Jian

Xiaocheng Da'ai                             As Fang Dawei  Directed by Li Ni

Love UFO                                        As Fang Cheng Directed by Wang Zhi

Ice and Sword                                       As Pei Youming Directed by Fu Gang

Son's Wife                                             As Hua Leihen  Directed by Dou Qi

Painter Village                                       As Qumu Langjia    Directed by Yang Yichao

       Cuihua series        Crazy Messages     starring             Directed by Hang Cheng

       Toilet starring                               Directed by Lin Zhaohua


Platonovstarring                         Directed by Wang Xiaoying

Naoxintong Jiaonang, Unicom 1001